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Who are Flying Joes?

Flying Joes is a rock Canadian power trio who call to mind classic bands like Led Zeppelin and Rival Sons. Since May 2016, their Let It Out Tour is gaining success, with more than 30 performances across Canada : Grand Prix F1 Crescent Festival in Montreal, legendary Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto and other venues in the provinces of Quebec and New Brunswick such as Salle Desjardins-Telus (Rimouski), Maison de la Culture (Waterloo), Scène Paramount (Rouyn-Noranda).

This Fast-rising band is gaining popularity now since the release of their debut album “Let It Out” produced by Glen Robinson (AC/DC, Keith Richard, B.B. King). “Let It Out” was on the 25th position of the Top Rock Albums of iTunes 2 weeks after it’s release (right beside Iron Maiden 24th), was highly rated by Classic Rock Magazine and has many amazing reviews in other rock Magazines around the world (Team Rock, Rock Society, Powerplay, Fireworks, Blues Matters). Flying Joes's first official video Battlefield was on rotation on MUCH and Musique Plus and the song also played at the Montreal’s Canadian NHL hockey games, at the Bell Center and on rock radio stations across Canada.

Formed in January 2014, the trio of Syd Bedard (bass, vocals), JF Arsenault (guitar) and Yves Côté (drums) has a contagious energy both live and on record. The trio’s impressive wealth of experience shows in JF’s elegant guitar work, Syd’s powerful, soaring vocals, Yves’ muscular, rock-solid drumming and well-crafted songs worthy of the greatest classic rock masterpieces. Also founding members of the French language progressive rock band Jelly Fiche, Syd and JF produced and directed two albums distributed and broadcast globally on rock radio stations. They have accumulated extensive stage experience over the years with their past projects and toured in Canada, Europe, United-States and Asia.

Qui sont Flying Joes ?

Flying Joes est un power trio rock Montréalais qui rappelle les sonorités de bands tels que Led Zeppelin et Rival Sons.  Depuis Mai 2016, leur tournée Canadienne Let It Out Tour obtient un vif succès, avec déjà une trentaine de spectacles, notamment au Festival Grand Prix Crescent F1 à Montréal, au légendaire Horseshoe Tavern à Toronto et ailleurs au Québec et au Nouveau-Brunswick, dont la Salle Desjardins-Telus (Rimouski), la Maison de la Culture (Waterloo), la Scène Paramount (Rouyn-Noranda).

Flying Joes et leur premier album "Let It Out" réalisé par Glen Robinson (AC/DC, Keith Richard, B.B. King), est recommandé par le Classic Rock Magazine et entendu lors des games des Canadiens de Montréal (LNH) au Centre Bell et sur plusieurs stations de radio rock à travers le pays. “Let It Out” a été en 25e position sur le Top Rock Albums of iTunes deux semaines après sa sortie (aux côtés de Iron Maiden en 24e) obtenant ainsi plusieurs critiques élogieuses dans des Magazines internationalement réputés (Team Rock, Rock Society, Powerplay, Fireworks, Blues Matters). Leur premier videoclip Battlefield a été en rotation sur les télévision de MUCH et Musique Plus.

Formé en janvier 2014, le trio composé de Syd Bedard (bassiste, chanteur), JF Arsenault (guitariste) et Yves Côté (batteur) déploie une énergie et un plaisir contagieux autant sur scène que sur album. L’impressionnant bagage d’expérience du trio témoigne de la solidité des performances éloquentes des guitares de JF qui enrobent la voix puissante de Syd, du jeu rock et musclé des batteries de Yves et de leurs chansons bien fignolées dignes des grands noms du rock classique. Également membres fondateurs du groupe rock progressif francophone Jelly Fiche, Syd et JF ont produits et réalisés deux albums distribués et diffusés sur les stations de radio rock des quatre coins du globe. Avec leurs projets passés, ils ont accumulé une importante expérience de scène au Canada, en Europe, aux États-Unis et en Asie.

Press quotes

 “Sometimes it’s good to retreat to a place where Rock ‘n’ roll needn’t be anything more complicated than it was at its source. The Flying Joes share The Black Crowes’ fascination with 70s blues-rock, but with plenty of powder in their keg to power things along… they’re clearly having an absolute blast on behalf of us all. 7/10”
Emma Johnston, Classic Rock Magazine (UK)
“Let It Out is this Canadian rock band’s debut album and it should guarantee a truly excellent future for this three-piece. The vocals are gutsy and powerful, the riffs are bright and catchy; in fact the entire band has a very memorable energetic sound… If they can latch onto a bigger band’s tour as a support they will truly take off.”
RW, Classic Rock Society Magazine (UK)
“These cool looking dudes from Canada play a mixture of retro rock and blues. It’s well produced with a fat sound… The title track is a catchy rocker… Only the thud of the modern production and the lyrics that mention laptops and social networks remind you that this is a record made in 2016 and to 1972. This debut is a solid start. 7/10”
Mike Ainscoe, Powerplay Magazine (UK)
“The title track Let It Out booms out of the speakers, sounding like Led Zeppelin and Cream got in two separate time machines that simultaneously crashed into one another on landing in 2015!.. If you like your Blues nice and heavy, then ‘Let It Out’ is a must for your collection.”
Mark Donnelly, Fireworks Magazine (UK)
“I fell in love three times with music in my life : 1986 Guns ’N’ Roses, 2012 Rival Sons, 2015 Flying Joes.”
Laurent Lépine, RockFM
“It sounds powerful!! You’re a power trio and you sound like you are 5 to 6 people in the band!"
Alex Trudel, RYTHME FM
“I fell in love with them, I could feel the energy… It totally knocked me out. WOW!"
"Remember this band name Flying Joes!”
Nicolas Gagnon, CHME Rock ma vie
“I received Flying Joes cd and you know what? It’s so hot that I’m going to play the whole album on my next show.”

Denis Morency, Filière Rock, CFLX
“It’s been an eye-opening with the advent of Flying Joes... What a guitar player! His solos has this acidity in the sound that shivers throughout my body…”

TatieBlues Blog
“8/10 - On LET IT OUT, the power of the melodies engage the listener right from the opening track and this feeling will leave him a long time after the end. This album will make a lot of noise (in every sense of the word). Rock On! And Replay! Yeah!”

Frédéric Bussières, Poste d’Écoute FM 103,3
“9.5/10 - LET IT OUT hits directly at the core with it’s abrupt energy, get ready to crank the volume to a whole new level right from the opening track. Heavy rock as it must!”
Jocelyn Legault, Musimaniax
“8.3/10 – My favourite song is beyond any doubt the excellent ‘Battlefield’… A rock/funky anthem that is sure to get your toes tapping. I feel the need to listen to this track on a regular basis, which is a good sign with all the things that come out today. Flying Joes can say that they really hit the nail on the head with this debut. I highly recommend a good listening and pay close attention to it.”
Marc Desgagnés, MetalUniverse.net
"The album hits the ground running with LET IT OUT: a powerful guitar riff, a catchy melody, a strong rhythm section and an explosive ending."
"With it's debut album, Flying Joes hit the mark. Amateurs of rock will be in for a treat with the songwriting quality and the voice of Syd Bedard, powerful but not screaming: for more pleasurable listening mostly with high volume!"

Pierre Lamontagne, LeNetBlues
"Syd Bedard has a great voice. Lots of energy, beautiful nuances, emotion and intensity, complemented with a bit of hoarse: he has all the elements of a real « Rock Singer ». This album has such an impact, truly powerful!"   
Jean Doyon, La Filière Progressive
“How I love it! I love it! It reaches me, a bit of 70’s rock…we’re going to put it on our road trip!”
Thérèse Parisien, 98,5 FM