1. Country blues

From the recording DOWN THE ROAD

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Music by Syd Bedard & JF Arseneault
Lyrics by Syd Bedard


This is my country blues
What’s going on in our mind today?
Let me tell you
I feel mad in my shoes
It’s a really, really sad story

When I think of what we raise
As a legacy to our next disillusioned society
In my country blues

My land hurts, my country hurts
When they tell me that we have to open our borders
Babe, babe, babe, babe
Don’t bear the misery of the world on our shoulders
Quality is the quantity assimilated

Oh, it’s so dramatic
To be no longer master of his destiny
There is no magic
Oh, we will not be able to call our country
Our home

Oh my country blues
Yeah country blues
Oh country blues
Country blues, oh yeah

Love and help each other
Don't mean to make my own country bleed cold
Love each other
Help strangers to live worthily at home

If it is to preserve our rights and way of thinking
I stand up without apologizing
Oh my country blues

I got country blues
Because governments have sold their souls
Let's stop the war on our neighbours
People will not need to flee their homes
Flee their homes

Oh, let all the men say it
By breaking the globalist dream
We can always dream

Oh country blues
Yeah my country blues
Oh my country blues