From the recording Let it out



Lyrics by Syd Bedard and Julien Valiquette
Music by Syd Bedard
© 2014

Every time I see your face
So many things go through my mind
All those years gone by
I know, I should have been there for you

On the road I lost, lost everything
And to this day, I'll never forget
How I mistreated you
I keep on hoping you forgive me

Waiting for the sun
I know I can do it
Waiting for the sun
I know that is true

So I ran after the fame
It was all that I cared
I never realized how lucky I was
To have a sweet little girl like you

I swam in holy water
And told everyone I was thirsty
Now I know, I know, I know I was out of line
I wish you could give me another chance


Even if the sun fades away
Tomorrow's another day
In the heart of someone who cares