From the recording Let it out



Lyrics by Syd Bedard
Music by Syd Bedard, JF Arsenault
© 2014

Well no matter where I go, I feel lost in you
I take another drink
Hum, so matter what I take, I want to forget
I just wanted another chance

So no matter who I am, I feel lost in you
I will always be a looser
And if you cross my path now, you will know me more
She always be in my mind

Let me be
Your little leech
Let me bite
Let me be
Your backdoor man

Before I had a life with her, it was magic
It was a fairy tale
But now since she left me, my life is a nightmare
Now crows roam and dare

They took me into their claws, they took me
Far way from the right way
When I wake up it’ll be too late
I've sold my soul


I want to seduce you for fun
I do not feel anything
I want to share with you my madness

Now that I'm damned forever, I’m looking for
The next prey that I spellbound
One day maybe an angel will come
Set me free, baby


Little zombie